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Hurricanes and global warming



In the last month, Harvey violently flooded Houston, Irma devastated Barbuda destroying 95% of the island's infrastructure and its 1800 inhabitants had to be evacuated to neighboring Antigua. Maria's blow to Puerto Rico was brutal as the island was still suffering from Irma's aggression just one week before. At our Autumn issue's printing time, 100% of the island's electricity grid was ruined and 75% of homes lacked running water. Similar desperate scenarios took place throughout other Caribbean islands.


In addition to financial aid, some islands affected by recent hurricanes are starting to ask the international community to face climatic change. Unfortunately, climatic change is now a reality, whether we care to acknowledge it or not.


The impact of global warming on the ocean's temperature and level rise is reasonably well-known, and scientists warn that the result will be an increase not only in the amount of hurricanes that develop each season but in their intensity.


It's imperative that we all work together to stop global warming and preserve our planet for both us and future generations to enjoy.